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Total Body Photography – Byron Bay

For high-risk patients, total body photography – combined with a skin cancer check – is the best method to detect skin cancers accurately and identify potential skin cancers as early as possible by monitoring changes over time.

The doctors at the The Bright Side Clinic use the revolutionary FotoFinder skin imaging system to take a series of digital images of your whole skin surface, producing detailed images to deliver the best patient outcomes.

The total body photography system speeds up the process of comparing and evaluating total body photographs by automatically comparing all follow-up photos with the corresponding baseline images and trying to identify new and changed moles. These moles are quickly marked for follow-up evaluation. Quick and accurate total body imaging delivers consistent and comparable results and is completely painless.

Full-body imaging is the most reliable means of accurately tracking changes over time and producing potentially lifesaving results as the images allow easy side-by-side comparison at follow-up appointments for patients in certain risk groups. With sophisticated software and superior expertise working together for exceptional accuracy, FotoFinder reveals the subtlest skin changes and helps detect skin cancer at its earliest stage when it is most manageable and requires least invasive treatment.

If you need a skin check, come over to The Bright Side. Make no mistake – skin cancer screening saves lives.

Total body photography is for you if you:

  • Have personal or family skin cancer history
  • Have many moles or freckles
  • Are over 40 years old
  • Have been sunburned or used a sunbed
  • Have a fair complexion
  • Have red hair or light-coloured eyes
  • Burn easily or don’t tan in the sun
  • Work or spend lots of time outdoors
  • Have a weakened immune system

Benefits of Total body photography

Earliest skin cancer detection

Easy side-by-side comparison reveals the most subtle changes in moles that may be indicative of melanoma in its earliest and most curable phase.

Less scares and less scars

Suspicious lesions are highlighted and can be removed faster in less invasive procedures. Unnecessary biopsies of moles that haven’t changed can also be avoided.

Peace of mind

Whether you have lots of moles, have a family or personal history of melanoma, or just want reassurance to confirm your doctor’s diagnosis, total body photography can eliminate these worries.

Do doctors recommend Total body photography?

The risk of developing skin cancer varies by individual with risk factors ranging from genetics through to occupation and solar exposure. Total body photography may be mandatory or highly recommended as part of your regular follow-ups. The photography software helps analyse mole structures and indicates cancer risk to be investigated further. During your skin cancer check, your doctor will evaluate your risk status and recommend the best care plan for you.

How much will it cost?

The price starts at $100.

Recommended for earliest detection in high-risk patients.

I am already paying for a full skin cancer check. Why do I have to pay more?

You will still get a Medicare rebate for your full skin cancer check. Total body photography is currently not covered by Medicare and is an additional service to your skin cancer check. It requires the use of advanced technology and a skilled professional to take the pictures of you in a separate appointment. Your doctor will assess your skin cancer risk and advise the best care plan for you.

Can I take the total body photography photos with me if I leave your centre?

As the total body photography pictures are stored in our medical technology system, we can only transfer them to your doctor once they request them, like any other medical record transfer. However, as it takes a specific software to store and take pictures for future comparisons, we encourage you to find a clinic that offers total body photography to ensure you continue to get the same advanced standard of care.

Why is total body photography not bulk billed?

Unfortunately, Medicare doesn’t currently cover total body photography. You might like to check with your health fund.

Who will see the photos of my skin?

Only your doctor and our centre team member who takes the photos will see your images, and all total body photography pictures are securely saved.

If I get total body photography, why do I still need to see the doctor for a full skin cancer check?

The total body photography technology takes pictures of all your moles and creates a baseline record of your skin. Your doctor will still examine every mole with a dermatoscope which is required for a comprehensive skin assessment. Your doctor has the required expertise, experience and knowledge to review the photos, interpret any changes, diagnose, and develop the best treatment plan.

What makes the total body photography technology so advanced?

High resolution cameras and dermoscopy are used in the total body photography mole mapping software for early detection and monitoring of the skin. Early detection of change is key to positive prognosis and survival of melanoma and skin cancer.

  • Combination of advanced technology and the doctor’s expertise
  • The doctor will still check every single mole from head to toe
  • Can detect changes even up to half a millimetre – which is very difficult to see without technological help
  • Best practice for high-risk patients, as early detection is key

How long will total body photography take?

Total body photography takes 10-15 minutes in a separate appointment.

Who will take the photos?

Our whole team has been fully trained in the use of the Total Body Photography (FotoFinder) equipment. If you prefer for a nurse to take the photos, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.


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