Why winter is an ideal time for a skin check

Winter is the perfect time to rug up, find a cosy spot by the heater, and enjoy a tasty hot chocolate. But did you know that it’s also a great time for a skin check?

In the cooler months, our skin is usually covered by layers of clothes to keep us warm. This means we’ve had less UV exposure than usual, and our skin hasn’t been subjected to much tanning or burning.

This makes it easier for our skin cancer doctors to examine your skin. With no tan concealing your moles, freckles and spots, we can much more clearly identify abnormalities and changes which may indicate skin cancer.

Rugging up in winter also means you’re less likely to notice changes in your own skin (or your loved ones’ skin), as it’s less exposed. So you may be looking less, but we can see more!

Detecting skin cancer in its earliest stages gives you the best chance of successful treatment, and getting a skin check now is a great way to ensure you’re ready for summer.

Plus, there are usually shorter wait times for treatment during winter as less people are thinking about getting their skin checked. The cooler months are also better for recovery if you are diagnosed with skin cancer and require treatment.

Don’t forget that it’s still possible to get sunburnt in winter, and sun protection is a must. Learn more about using sun protection in winter to keep your skin healthy.

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