Pandemic Information

Please note: Masks are currently required at the clinic

The Coronavirus Pandemic continues

and will continue for months to years. Please use the links below to access the latest information about any outbreaks and restrictions. Please answer our staff truthfully, and follow any pandemic-related guidance when in the clinic. If you have ANY cold or flu-like symptoms, please get a COVID test before visiting the clinic.

Latest Outbreaks and Restrictions

Please refer to news sources local to any outbreaks for detailed lists of potential exposure sites.

New South Wales

National situation

COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 is a virus that is transmitted from person to person. Some people have no symptoms during an infection, while for some the infection is fatal.

Australia has experienced repeated lockdowns and restrictions due to outbreaks, mostly coming from hotel quarantine. This will continue to happen until everyone is either vaccinated or has caught COVID.

Some important facts:

  • Previous pandemics have lasted for several years.
  • Humans have only eradicated one virus – smallpox. Every other virus we continue to live with the risk of.
  • It is likely that the virus that causes COVID-19 will become like the flu, constantly mutating and requiring a yearly vaccine.
  • It is possible that a more dangerous variant of the virus will emerge.
  • This will not be the last pandemic that humans experience.
  • Masks significantly reduce the spread of COVID and other respiratory viruses.

Please remember:

  • If you are sick, get a COVID test before attending the clinic
  • Check in with the QR code when you arrive at the clinic
  • Maintain social distancing when in the clinic, including when with the doctor


We are a COVID-19 vaccination clinic. You can check your eligibility for the current phase of the vaccine rollout here.
We currently can provide Novavax and Pfizer vaccine, and only to Medicare card holders. There is no cost for the vaccine or vaccine-related appointments.

Vaccination appointments can be booked online and are available in dedicated vaccination sessions only. We encourage you to book an appointment with your regular doctor to discuss any questions prior to your vaccine clinic appointment.


Masks are an important part of fighting the pandemic.

Masks help people to keep their germs to themselves. They also offer some protection against breathing in someone else’s virus, depending on the fit and the type of mask. Masks with a valve do not filter your breath, so they do not help you to keep your germs to yourself. A well-fitting cloth mask with a replaceable filter helps to protect you from COVID and other respiratory viruses.

Given that we can expect the pandemic to take 3-4 years to resolve, we encourage everyone to buy or make a cloth mask.