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Byron Bay Family Medical Centre The Bright Side Clinic

The Bright Side Clinic is a family practice.

Our goal is to provide the warmth and familiarity of the old-fashioned family doctor, combined with the latest in medical knowledge and technology.

Family planning

If you’re thinking of starting a family, it can be a good idea to have a chat with your GP.

We can check your health and address common pre-pregnancy problems such as iron and folate deficiencies.

We can also talk to you about your fertility and how to maximise your chances for a successful pregnancy.

Antenatal care

Women have the choice of public or private obstetric care. In the public system, you can see midwives at the hospital or your GP for your antenatal appointments. You don’t need to decide straight away.

Your GP can organise the initial tests and answer any questions you might have.

Well-baby Checks

Routine check-ups are an opportunity to see how you and your little one are going.

You can raise any concerns you might be having.

We ask about developmental milestones to screen for any potential issues.

Sick children

Kids get sick, especially once they have regular contact with other kids. At The Bright Side, we will never charge an out-of-pocket fee to see children under 16 (or up to 18 if they’re still students).

We are parents ourselves and know how worrying it is when your kids are sick. We prioritise acutely unwell children and will see them even when there are no appointments available, so please call us if you are concerned.


Privacy is very important – and medical stuff is often embarrassing. Teenagers are entitled to make an appointment without their parents’ involvement if needed.

Your confidentiality is something we take seriously, and can only be breached in specific and extreme circumstances.

If you are concerned, please ask your GP for more details about medical consent and privacy.


At The Bright Side Clinic, we are here for all your health needs.

From a medical certificate because you’ve picked up the latest thing going around, to ongoing co-ordination of complex medical conditions and everything in between.

We also provide home- and nursing-home visits to our patients who are unable to come to us. These visits are at the discretion of the treating doctor, and are not for emergencies.

Family Medical Centre Byron Bay

At The Bright Side Clinic, we are committed to providing the best in care for your physical, psychological and emotional well-being.