Travel Doctor – Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a place that seems to call people, whether they’re from interstate or overseas. Travel is part of the spirit of Byron Bay, and whether you’re coming or going, we’re here to help keep you healthy.

Byron Bay Medical Centre

For Australians who are travelling:

Here are some common destinations we get asked about:

  • Bali
  • Vietnam
  • Japan
  • India
  • USA

Here are some common health problems we can help with:

  • Influenza vaccination
  • Malaria prevention
  • Typhoid vaccination
  • Hepatitis A vaccination
  • Cholera prevention
  • Traveling with medications
  • Fear of flying

Travel Tips

It’s best to seek advice from a Travel Doctor at least 6-8 weeks before your scheduled departure.

More information can be found on

Here’s some things to consider before travelling:

Health risks at your destination – depending on where you are travelling you may need specific vaccines. Some vaccines need to be given over a course rather than in a single dose. If you’ve had travel vaccinations before it’s worthwhile checking if you still have immunity. Some travel vaccinations offer long-lasting protection while others require booster doses.

General travel risks – blood clots, altitude sickness, traveller’s gastro and influenza can affect anyone. Ask your doctor for advice for your specific needs.

Chronic or pre-existing health issues – be sure to see your doctor for a health checkup before you leave. You may need to order extra medication depending on the length of your trip and many countries require a letter from your GP outlining the details of your prescription medication and what it is needed for.


For travellers who are visiting:

We are more than happy to see travellers with or without Medicare. We can help with anything you might need to see a doctor for.