Fee Schedule – July 2024

The Bright Side Clinic is committed to providing the best in science-based medicine to our community.

Payment options

We offer several payment options, including cash, EFTPOS and credit card. For your convenience, we use Medicare online so your rebate will be refunded promptly. See our full fee schedule below. 

We are not a bulk billing practice.


A standard or single appointment is up to 15 minutes long. If you have multiple or complicated issues, please book a longer appointment.

If your appointment runs over time, you may be charged for a long or extended appointment.


Medicare is your insurance, and it helps to think of them as an insurance company. Australians all pay for Medicare through taxes and levies.Just like private insurance, Medicare does not always cover 100% of the costs of the care you need. When this happens, there is a ‘gap’ or out-of-pocket cost. The Medicare system requires you to pay the full fee, then provides an instant* refund of their contribution. The difference between those two figures is the ‘gap’. If you do not have Medicare, you must pay the full fee at the time of booking the appointment. For travel insurance, you must contact your insurer directly for any refund.

Please note: Rebates cannot be placed on a credit card; instant transfer of Medicare rebates require a card with a cheque or savings option.

Cancellation Policy

From February 2021, we have had to introduce a cancellation policy.

We appreciate that sometimes circumstances are beyond your control, so please call as us soon as you know that you can’t make your appointment. We often have cancellation lists and patients who would appreciate the appointment you can’t attend, even at short notice.

Please cancel your appointment if you cannot attend. If you do not cancel and then do not attend, including failing to answer for a phone appointment, you will be liable for the scheduled fee of the appointment that you booked. Unpaid invoices have a payment period of 14 days and late fees will apply. We reserve the right to refer unpaid invoices to a third party for collection, including the cost of collection.


ConsultationsPricingMedicare Rebate*Out of pocket cost
Short – 5 minutes$44$18.85$25.15
Standard – 15 minutes$88$41.20$46.80
Long – 30 minutes$132$79.70$52.30
Extended – 45 minutes$176$117.40$58.60
Skin Checks – 30 minutes$158.70$80.10$78.60

Other Appointments

Other appointmentsPricingMedicare Rebate*Out of pocket cost
Results/follow-up – standard$70$39.10$30.90
Results/follow-up – long$110$75.75$34.25
Care Plan – set up$192.50$150.10$42.40
Care Plan – review$110$74.95$35.05
Focussed Psychological Strategies – 50-60min$175$88.25$86.75

*Rebates cannot be placed on a credit card; instant transfer of Medicare rebates require a card with a cheque or savings option.

Facility Fees

Procedures, treatments and investigations performed in our modern, well-equipped treatment room attract a facility fee. This fee covers the cost of resources involved in providing these treatments. Please ask reception for the full list.

Ear Syringe$27.80
INR – on the spot^$27.50
IV Iron infusion*$115.50
Wound care – from$38.00
IV antibiotics**$115.50
24-hour Holter ECG$115
At-home Sleep Study$115
Implanon* Insertion$65
Implanon Removal$105
Implanon Removal and Insertion*$145

*medication to be supplied by patient
**medication provided by clinic
^INR testing is available through pathology providers with no out of pocket cost for Medicare patients – referral required

Skin ProceduresPricing
Minor – 15 min$71.50
Standard – 30 min$120
Long – 45 minutes$159.50
Extra Long – 60 minutes$203.50

Allied Health

Our Allied Health team members are registered with Medicare, Work Cover, CTP insurance as well as Private Health Funds.

Allied HealthPricingMedicare RebateOut of pocket cost
Physiotherapy initial$100$68.20$31.80
Physiotherapy ongoing$80$68.20$11.80

At The Bright Side Clinic, we are committed to providing the best in care for your physical, psychological and emotional well-being.