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We are lucky to live in a country with access to the very best in medical technology and an affordable health system.

Preventative Health Byron Bay

One of the best features of this system is preventative health, which means keeping healthy people healthy!

Our healthcare system in Australia includes several screening programmes designed to catch developing problems before you’re even aware something is not right.

And because we have a universal health system, you can be sure that these programmes work – to save lives.

Cervical Screening Test

Since the hard work of Dr. Papanicolau (not to mention his poor wife) in the 1920’s became the routine ‘Pap smear’ in the 1950’s, we have had 2 more big steps forward in cervical health.

One is the introduction of the HPV vaccine, which has put Australia on track to be the first country to eliminate cervical cancer altogether. The other is the introduction of HPV DNA testing, which now replaces the good old Pap smear.

Your experience of having the new Cervical Screening Test done is the same as a pap smear, but routine screening is now every 5 years instead of every 2. Additionally, the new screening recommends commencing from age 25 and ceasing at age 70, as long as the previous 2 test have been normal.

Is your Pap smear due or overdue? Come over to The Bright Side.

Healthy Heart Checks

Heart disease remains Australia’s number 1 killer. That’s why Medicare has recently introduced the Healthy Heart Check.

In this long appointment, your doctor will take a thorough history and do a focused examination. We will do an ECG and, if needed, spirometry (lung function tests), 24-hour Holter (ECG) monitor and 24-hour Blood Pressure monitoring.

We will also refer you for a cardiology assessment including echocardiogram and stress test, if needed. We will then formulate a plan to keep your heart healthy, including your personalised Cardiovascular Disease risk score and how to keep it low.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking remains a big contributor to preventable poor health in Australia. There are many approaches to giving up, but the most important one is to never give up giving up.

Many people make multiple attempts before quitting smoking for good. If you’d like to discuss your options, from going cold turkey or using willpower, to a Champix prescription, hypnotism and everything in between, come over to The Bright Side.

Skin Checks

All of our skin checks are thorough, performed by a doctor with specific skin cancer qualifications. See our skin cancer clinic page for more details.

Health Assessments, Check Ups and Executive Medicals

Medicare provides Health Assessments for members of the community most likely to benefit from preventative health. Anyone aged 40-49, aged 75 and over, or who identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander is eligible. A Health Assessment includes a long appointment with our RN and then review with a doctor.

If you don’t fall in to one of the target groups, we’d still be delighted to help you with a thorough assessment of your health.

We take a complete history and focused examination, then organise any necessary tests, such as:

  • Spirometry (lung function tests)
  • ECG and 24-hr continuous ECG
  • BP monitoring and 24-hr continuous BP
  • At-home sleep studies
  • Bone density (DEXA) scans
  • Breast cancer screening
  • Bowel cancer screening
  • Vaccination
  • Prostate screening

Care Plans or GP Management Plans

Care Plans and GP Management Plans are designed to encourage continuity of care, as a doctor and patient agree to team up to manage the patient’s health concerns.

They are also what forms access to Medicare-funded allied health sessions such as physiotherapy, podiatry, exercise physiology, diabetic educator, dietician and others.

Care Plans are for conditions which have existed for at least 6 months, or conditions that could be expected to take 6 or more months to resolve.

To see if you are eligible to access Medicare-funded allied health services, talk to one of our doctors.

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Preventative Health Checks Byron Bay

We don’t create expensive ‘packages’ of tests and unproven remedies. We recommend testing based on your needs, using evidence-based medicine to ensure the best outcome for your health and your pocket.