The cooler temperatures in winter lure some people into a false sense of safety, yet skin cancers are still prevalent no matter the season.

Total body photography involves using our revolutionary state-of-the-art FotoFinder skin imaging system to take a series of hi-res digital images of your entire skin surface.

What time of year can you get skin cancer?

Do you believe the myth that skin cancer is a “summer problem”? As winter approaches and temperatures begin to drop around Australia, don’t put away your sunscreen or hang up your sun hat just yet.

Did you know that itchiness can be a sign of skin cancer — but not always? Let’s learn more about itchy spots on the skin and when you should be concerned about a malignancy.

Living in Australia, we know how important it is to take care of our skin. We endure high UV levels all year-round and lead the world in skin cancer rates.

Did you know one Australian dies from melanoma every five hours? As over 1.1 million skin cancers are treated every year nation-wide, it is essential for Australians to be up to date with regular full-body skin checks.

Melanoma March celebrates Melanoma Institute Australia’s major annual fundraising campaign. Each Melanoma March brings together melanoma patients, their families, and local communities to raise awareness and funds for research to reach the goal of zero deaths from melanoma.

Now is the time to make sure we’re doing our best to look after our skin health and protect it during the most “dangerous” time of year. Here are our top tips for looking after your skin this summer season!

What’s involved in a skin cancer examination? Let’s walk through the entire quick and easy process so you know what to expect at your upcoming skin check.

Being prepared for your skin check and knowing what to expect will help you make the most out of the appointment. Let’s look at 7 things you should know.

What can skin cancer look like? Learn about the signs and symptoms of skin cancer, including the ABCs of melanoma, and see if you could spot a melanoma!

“Come with me to an appointment that you should be making too.” Tahlia Aubusson visited The Bright Side Medical & Skin Cancer Centre for a skin check with Dr James Haslam.